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LVBP: Tib Tig Ag Br Leo Car Nav Card


"Logic can take you from A to B instead imagination can take you anywhere," Einstein


DOW 12021.40-NASDAQ 2612.26-
EUR1.3222-GBP 1.5596 + JPY77.809-
Wall Street, European stocks and major Latin American stock markets fall again.FAO: Food down 10% since February. OPEC expected to reach new production agreement
• Chavez asks Fedecámaras sincere dialogue
• Cadivi has given $ 4200 MM chambers of health and pharmacy
• Chavez signed decree becomes law Vzla Children of the Mission. Consider just the oil price at $ 100
• Government provides 112 new housing vital areas in 6 states
• Cendas: Cost of basic family Bs7787 November 2011, 32
• 90% of bars produced by Sidor has been to Mission Housing
• Venezuelan bonds start week with negative trend
• reports Asoprola fall between 40% and 45% in milk reception


• Pablo Medina requested to be investigated Vzla consul in Miami
• Perez Vivas: What is missing is that Supreme Court required that killing is a crime
• MCM Chavez: The immoral is that you keep making fun of people ever built houses promising
• Census 2011: Vzla is less than 30 MM people


• U.S.: Evaluates actions against Vzla plot involving
• Brazil: Lula tumor was reduced 75% with chemotherapy
• Peru: Humala rotates clockwise with new cabinet
• Spain: Moody's downgrades threaten to 8 banks
• Italy: Northern League says mint its own currency when the euro falls
• Germany: Commerzbank negotiating financial support from government


• Fedecamaras Zulia makes call to support to people affected by rains
• Restricted Lara-Zulia step after crash
• Marianela Fernandez: We're pleased with work done


Subsurface of Mars is conducive to microbial life?

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