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EmpresateNews December 15, 2011

@Empresate News December 15, 2011
LVBP: Tib Ag Nav Card Car Tig Leo Br


"I do not paint what I see, I paint what I think" Pablo Picasso


Opepc107.65 + WTI94.95-Brent105.02-
DOW 11823.50-NASDAQ 2539.31-
GBP 1.5500 EUR1.2997 + + JPY77.910-
Wall Street, European and Latin American stock drop 3rd straight day. OPEC agreed to raise its production to 30 MM b / d. Gold price drops. Corruption threatens to 7 / 10 companies in Latin America
• Banks in expectation by changes Cadivi Providence 
• Sudeban: debit card fraud fell by 36% with the implementation of chip
• Venancham: Exchange and prices Controls strangle económics freedom. Vzla is the most expensive countries to do business
• Food basket is ranked  3288.29 Bs  in November
• Postponed until December 30 Sundecop business register
• Creates Presidential Commission Greater Love Mission. Minister Ochoa: 400 000 will be incorporated into the IVSS elderly
• Old Coins and banknotes circulate monetary cone until December 31
• INE: Venezuelan population is 28.5 MM


• Eugenio Martinez Datanálisis intention to vote in November 2011: Chavez 35%, Pablo Perez 7.9% 17.5% Capriles. IVAD, 40% have no sympathy for any political party, of whom 46.7% do not know who will vote in October
• Government creates citizens' committees for monitoring police
• AN ordinary session closes today
• Finance Committee approved supplementary appropriations Bs1451 MM
•CNE  enables Leopoldo López


• USA: Obama to mark Iraq war
• Spain: Unemployed want mini-jobs of 400 € / month
• Syria: Ban Ki-moon calls on behalf of humanity stop the repression
• Afghanistan: Freedom for woman who was sentenced to 3 years in prison for being raped


• Stay alert in Manuelote dam
• Mezul starts today hallaca  Fair 
• Suspended Talk Baseball Fan Fest


The Prince entered the Paris wax museum?-

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