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"To create the magic, we must keep alive in us" Walt Disney


DOW  11866.40- NASDAQ 2555.33 + 
EUR1.3008-GBP-JPY77.9110 + 1.5490
Wall Street and European stock markets closed mixed. Tokyo and Seoul bags closed lower after death of Kim Jong-euro area under pressure Il.La prepares for a new week delicate
• Public expenditure triggers bolivars in circulation. The excess liquidity in the banking reached a record high
• The domestic staff should receive the bonus payment
• The strong bolivar is heading for a new devaluation
• Decreased sales worries businesses
• Units not make service more dependent on the Guri Caracas
• index of food shortages lingers over 20%
• Sales of milk powder fell 23% in a year
• President of INE: Active population has increased by 3,471,000 people from 1999.Reporta formal employment increased by eight points

Venezuela Daily News

• 29 years after the tragedy of Tacoa
• Government Program of the MUD is against the Resorte Law 
• Strengthen support for opposition candidate primary
• Leopoldo Lopez: Let's build the national economy
• Only food in Caracas increased by 43%
• Bony de Simonovis resigned from the party COPEI


• Argentina: Government gave more than 140 million pesos in loans for young entrepreneurs
• Honduras: international reserves reached U.S. $ 2.626M to 15 December
• Bolivia: 70% of imported inflation in 2011 is
• Guatemala: Expansion of commercial centers
• U.S.: It' s The trade and economic muscle of the Celac
• Spain: Iberia pilots strike cancels 91 flights
• Russia: Russian Oil rig sinks with 50 missing balance
• North Korea: late leader Kim Jong-il for heart problems
• Egypt: Islamists are attributed landslide victory in second round


• Decreased production in the South Lake, says farmer and livestock association
• Aguilas put indifficult Magallanes life
• ensures Reverol Manuelote reservoir level has risen


Scientists working on a drug that reduces the fear?  

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