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@Empresate News 20 Jan 2012
Happy Weekend


"Incompetence is the more harmful the higher the power of the incompetent" Francisco Ayala


DOW 12624.00 +  NASDAQ 2788.33 + 
EUR1.2931-GBP-JPY77.211 + 1.5466
Wall Street rises 3rd day in a row. Increased adoption of Linux in companies. HP introduces its 1st All in One PC 27 ". Summify is buying by Twitter. Microsoft Net income down 0.1% last quarter. Kodak requested voluntary bankruptcy to reorganize business
• Superintendency of Costs start time compliance verification cost of regulated price products 
• Gustavo Machado Marturet is the new president of Venamcham
• MovilTaxi is the new app to Request a Taxi Service in Venezuela
• prepares Cadivi check the use of quotas in 2011
• Telecommunications will receive investments of $ thousand GM in 2012


• Pablo Perez: We will generate more than 1 mm of construction sector jobs serving housing, infrastructure and roads
• Victims will house 2 months before the election
• Capriles Radonski: Government  have a little bit worried by primaries
• CNE ensures the vote in Miami
• Héctor Navarro: 5 times minister in 13 years


• Colombia: Foreign Ministry did not authorize any Venezuelan military helicopter flyover
• Cuba: William Villar Mendoza dissident dies after performing hunger strike
• U.S.: Romney criticizes Obama's lack of firmness to acts of Chávez.FBI website MegaUpload closes file sharing Soup preamble to Act


• Acil and Clez conducted joint meeting to celebrate 75 years of Ciudad Ojeda
• Woman  who would run over to Francisco Delgado  presented  herself in The prosecution 


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