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@Empresate News  25 Jan 2012


"Without memory we don't exist and without responsibility may not deserve to exist" Jose Saramago


Opec111.78 + WTI98.95-Brent110.03-
DOW  12675.80-NASDAQ 2786.64 +
EUR1.3025-GBP-JPY77.8865 + 1.5617
Wall Street is down  after rising 5 sessions. Cuevano and Taringa! are targeted for their ties to Megaupload. Co-founder of Apple sees Android is better than iPhone.Unesco provides Internet World Digital Library. TV sets its goals in the content business smartphone
• Consecomercio: 85% of entrepreneurs said that the reform will increase payroll costs LOT
• Cadivi: No allocation of foreign exchange is a priority for children who study abroad
• There have been 111,081 people at work know and Mission
• Cavilac: supply of powdered milk is normalized 
• Incorporate Greater Love 4447 enrolled in the IVSS 
• Ramírez: Pdvsa will not issue new bonds this year


• LL abdicates to support Capriles
• Barboza: Withdrawal of LL for CR is to stop the overwhelming advance of Pablo Perez
• Diego Arria: It has unleashed a domestic guerrilla in MUD
• Chavez: We came from Russia and a few cannons tanks. We will not attack anyone, but do not mess with us
• Datos: 46% of people want to re-election of Chavez, 45% no


• Argentina: Industrial activity grew by 6.5% in 2011
• Mexico: Inflation touches highest level in 1 year
• Bolivia: nationalized oil share of Pan American Energy
• Brazil: Rousseff swore 2 new ministers
• U.S.: Obama calls for fairness to rebuild economy


• Integras signs alliance with Cidez to specialize   engineers 
• Greater Love Mission: 69 000 counted in Zulia


Do not try to be someone else, hoping to please others. You were born unique. Do not show a copy. Be yourself


Loving rejection activates the same neural networks that a minor burn? 

Ing. Néstor Borjas Duarte
"Lo importante no es pisar, sino dejar la HUELLA. Emprende siempre"

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