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EmpresateNews February 3, 2012

@Empresate News  February 3, 2012

"Intelligent men want to learn, teach others" Anton Chekhov

Opep111.21 +  WTI96.36-Brent112.03 +
DOW  12705.40- NASDAQ 2859.68 + 
Wall Street closed lower. German court rejects request to ban Apple 10.1N Galaxy Tab. Facebook Google considers its main rival.Mc Donald's changes its burgers recipe
• Government agricultural credits without fruits and crops
• Exports to U.S. oil falls to lowest level in 9 years
• Economic problems of 1992 remain
• Income Tax Statement 2011 must include all remuneration
• Cantv: Internet service is standard ABA
• Approves Regulations Act Communal Economic System
• automotive production fell 2.14% in 2011
• Strong increase in public spending in January elections mark start
• MM 4433 HCH Bs approved for National Public Works Plan

• Pablo Perez Vzla need a man with his pants firmly planted
• Minister Sader continues recovery from facial paralysis
• HCH: Celebrate 13 years as president. States that armed forces are chavistas
• PR  defeated  Vzla in 1st meeting
• Clients of banks could be investigated without knowing

• Colombia: 6 dead and 30 wounded in another attack by FARC
• Brazil: Government allocated 70 MM of condoms during carnival
• Nicaragua: Start negotiating table to set new minimum wage
• U.S.: Approved investment law prohibiting insider
• UK: Resumed Assange trial
• Norway: Luminous UFO flying over the country

• Tricolor Caravan toured northern Mcbo 
• Expofitness Opened in Sambil 

A BETTER LIFE: Do not freeze plastic bottles with water or hot food in plastic containers in microwave as it releases cancer-causing dioxins

DID YOU KNOW THAT: drug addicts have inherited abnormalities in the brain? 

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