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@Empresate News 13 Mar 2012

"Presidents are required to think about the next generation and not in the next election" Ricardo Lagos

Opec124.13 + WTI106.34-Brent125.34-
DOW 12959.70 + NASDAQ 2983.66 -
EUR1.3138_GBP 1.5657 + JPY82.210-
Wall Street to rise again. Oil ends down in New York and Europe worries about China. World supplies of copper will be below the demand
• Gustavo Cisneros and Lorenzo Mendoza are Venezuela's richest men, according to Forbes
• Farruco Sesto: 70 000 houses were built between Caracas and Vargas
• February food basket stood at 3459.36 Bs, according to the Cenda
•  Corpoelec  incorporates Guri unit 9 to the National Grid
• Real Estate Chamber questions the current housing policy
• Menendez: basic business resources given to ensure the economic momentum

• Employees of Globovision reject collective threats
• Governor Briceño accused Cabello of attempted destabilization
• Supreme Court gets into the jurisdiction waist indigent
•  Salas Feo described confiscation  transfer of the Ateneo de Valencia
• under stand by judge's refusal to provide records of the case Afiuni
• NEC introduced software for selecting members of the month
• 57.5% of the vote for Chavez and 26.6% Capriles

• Chile: Piñera: tax reform would include large companies and foreign companies
• Spain: The Eurogroup will discuss the situation of deficit
• Argentina: 30 days is the deadline for financial audits to be submitted per claim Ferroviari
• U.S.: Online TV Channel Carlos Slim would launch the 3 rd quarter
• Paraguay laboratory report expected to lift emergency disease
• Colombia: former Senator Cordoba began to reach final process releases

• PDVSA continues Contingency Plan in Catatumbo
• Pablo Perez and Capriles travel the Miranda municipality of Zulia

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