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@Empresate News 26 Mar 2012

"Life has meaning just as it is an aspiration to have it all" N. Borjas

Brent123.97 Opep121.79-WTI106.87 + +
DOW NASDAQ 3067.92 + 13080.70 +
GBP 1.5877 EUR1.3282 + + + JPY82.600
Wall Street closed higher. Social networks, mourning death of Antonio Tabucchi.Inversiones empower Latin American foreign
• Agropatria imported inputs received from Colombia
• Breach of PDVSA's business plan delayed production goals
• Ramirez: Government anticipates building 416,329 homes
• In 13 years has been foreign exchange outflow of $ 131,538 MM
• High prices more expensive imported food
• Approved for National Police BsF 1756MM
• oversees Sundecop businesses by arbitrary price hikes
• Banks suspended agricultural debt collection litigation

• HCh departed to Cuba to perform radiation therapy and says that on Thursday will return to Vzla
• MP investigates attack on former Governor of Apure
• Family Planning Association will civil test of uterine
• Identified killers of Cyanide Candies manager
• Remove as soon as governors and mayors with Government plans Municipalities Act before the 7-O
• Benigno Alarcon: Transition in Venezuela is inevitable

• U.S.: Obama launches warning to North Korea
• Vatican Denies meeting between CCh and the pope
• Cuba: Wave of Pope's arrival at
• Chile: suffers Earthquake of 7.2 degrees 
• Spain: Andalusia PP wins elections, but could not rule
• Ukraine: Eliminated highly enriched uranium deposit

• Speaker Rafael Mejias The Guácharo died 
• Successful XLII Consecomercio Assembly in Mcbo

BETTER LIFE: When you have learned to see the world without reference to the past, either theirs or yours as you have perceived it, you learn from what you see now.

DID YOU KNOW THAT: Mil is the only number that has neither or nor e? 

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