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EmpresateNews March 29, 2012

@ Empresate News 29 Mar 2012

"Do not hate the idiot who envy you, respects your envy, because certainly think you're better" Hilda Torres

DOW 13126.21-NASDAQ 3104.96-
EUR1.3319 + GBP 1.5893 + JPY82.916-
Wall Street closes down. The virtual kiss, a new app for celulares.Nokia launched the first Windows Mobile phone,  HTC &Polycom offer video collaboration business-grade for smartphones and tablets
• Statement of income tax will end on Saturday
• Ecopetrol, PDVSA created binational company
• Cadivi prepared new providence  to pay for study abroad
• Simon Bolivar Fund for Reconstruction will be state-owned
• Social benefits of the public sector are $ 19mil MM
• With advance payment, which will stimulate the sector of industries, services and works
• Community councils were Bs72mil / home built
• Louie Jokes are valued in business
• Capriles: Government has no will to fight insecurity
• Health Ministry bans sale of electronic cigarettes in the country
• Amputated leg  of former governor of Apure
• Invitation to official and regional elections will be today
• Today International Theatre Festival begins

• Cuba: The Pope speaks with F. Castro calls for more freedom.  Visit is concluded with strong message to the regime
• U.S.: Durable Goods Orders rise less than expected in February
• Brazil: Lula returns to politics after beating cancer
• Israel: Law prohibits work by skinny models
• Poland: Protests against increasing retirement age
• Spain: Strike leaves autonomic TV broadcast without signal

• Today in ACIZ elect new board
• Carlos Blohm talked about rule of law and Private Businesses in the 118 years of CCM

BETTER LIFE: Develops reading skills and is one of the elements that enable and facilitate learning throughout life

DID YOU KNOW THAT: London, is preferred by the wealthy?

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