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EmpresateNews March 30, 2012

@ Empresate News 30 Mar 2012

"Teach people to produce fruit with their effort, not distribute nor fruit nor the tree" Armando Leon

DOW 13145.80+NASDAQ 3095.36  -
EUR1.3350 + GBP 1.5977 + JPY82.080-
Wall Street closes mixto.Digitalización of the movie Titanic cost $ 18MM. Get Your Business Online: Google initiative for Latino entrepreneurs. Fighting abandoned BlackBerry iPhone and Android
• Polar FVF accused of altering conditions of its contract with national team
• Government can issue debt without prior opinion of AN and BCV
• Corpoelec stagnates for ideological struggle
• Internet growth is slowing
• Rotondaro: New retirees may charge debit card
• Bank of Vzla transaction takes 40 MM / month
• Banks will have extended hours this weekend to receive payment of income tax
• hGH threat to expropriate banks and companies that support destabilizing plans

• Capriles: We are committed to accept the will of the people
• Evenpro signs alliance with the Simon Bolivar
• HCh: I'm making a List of possible actions if they do not recognize the 7-O victory
• Maickel Melamed recognized by World Economic Forum
• Labour Court ordered the cessation of conflict in Venalum

• U.S.: Store seed medical marijuana opens in Washington
• Argentina: Open the door to number portability
• Peru: exports of quinoa Jan 2012 reached $ 1.9 MM
• Uruguay: Credit card purchases grew 22% in 2011
• Brazil: Oprah visit to medium who tried to Lula for his cancer
• Spain: Citizens took to the streets to protest against labor reforms

• P.Pérez gave his memory and has 2011
• Arias C. 1362 gave housing

BETTER LIFE: It contributes to the control of smoking, obesity and physical inactivity as these influence cancer development

DID YOU KNOW THAT: Being bilingual protects the brain from dementia?

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