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EmpresateNews March 9, 2012

@Empresate  News 9 Mar 2012

"Design is not just decoration. It is the soul of all created by man" Steve Jobs

Opec121.98- Brent125.44 +WTI106.58 +
DOW  12907.90 + NASDAQ 2970.42 +
EUR1.3216-GBP 1.5793-JPY81.810 +
Wall Street and Exchange Latin American close again on the rise. New iPad dissapointed.Apple and other companies seek to lead the next generation
• Venezuelan bonds closed up 0.78 points gain
• Cadivi sets new application procedure for foreign exchange for imports
• Seniat Bs estimated 15 milMM by raising income tax in Q1
• Merentes: Government works to close the dollar gap between unofficial and official
• Fonden   financed military purchases by $ 6,621 MM
• Consecomercio requested the annulment of the Law of Costs
• 80% of clinics are willing to accept agreement
• Affected by Stanford Bank sue intermediaries
• Discussion of the collective oil starts on Tuesday

• VTV showed HCh walk with her daughters and Maduro
• Court of Appeals upheld extension of 2 years in prison for Judge Afiuni
•  Vzla   rejects  exclusion of Cuba Summit of the Americas
• Sports Act does not specify use of logos of companies
•  Alo Ciudadno Text messaging was hacked
• Awarded injunction house arrest for Edmundo Chirinos

• Brazil: Declared the 6th in the world economy
• U.S.: Hollywood begins to mobilize for Obama
• Bolivia: Peasants occupy 40 oil facilities
• Chile: Double inflation in February
• Spain: Triumphs Rajoy labor reform
• Australia: AUDUSD lower after worse trade balance in 12 months

• Mata: Our intention is not to make-up to Pachencho
• Eveling Trejo: That the GNB and  MP do their job

BETTER LIFE: Adapt to circumstances, without all of them to suit your wishes

DID YOU KNOW THAT: 12 successive keys is what the most skilled pianist can play in 1 s?

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