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EmpresateNews April 23, 2012

@Empresate News April 23, 2012

"The first and best of victories is to conquer yourself" Plato

Opep116.46 + WTI  103.05 + Brent118.76=
DOW 13029.30 +NASDAQ 3000.45 -
EUR1.3206-GBP 1.6127 + JPY81.580 +
Wall Street hill weeks upwards. IMF has more money to go to Europe. Low energy bulb that lasts 20 years was released on Earth Day. Luciano Benetton left over after 47 years:
• Carlos Larrazabal's father dies, president of Conindustria. Condolences
• Nokia Web Redesigns Vzla
• Own-account workers or self-employment represent 30.2% of the employed population. May contribute to the IVSS
• Average Family (2 minimum wages) invests 75% in food and transportation
• Cadivi currencies will continue to students already abroad
• Tree Mission foresees collect 12 tons of seeds this year

• Source of Cuban informs serious deterioration of HCh from cancer. Will appear this Wednesday. LOT write first sign before the 27-A. His absence is 10 days total.Only appears for twitter. Mvtos in FAN. Situation Room recommended to reduce Capriles insulting. Aponte residence raided in Aragua
• Luis Cruz died, composer of that night are so precious
• Capriles: Ruling on twitter is a joke
• MP investigates death of the son of baseball player Horacio Estrada

• Colombia: Again there are differences between Santos and Uribe
• Argentina: 70% of people support expropriation of YPF
• U.S.: Congress investigates sex scandal in Colombia
• France: Hollande played  Sarkozy presidency  after winning (1.12%) in 1st round
• Spain: Ministry of Finance cautioned not deliver funds for banks

• LUZ  gives honorary doctorate to Asdrubal Baptista
• Daily La Verdad premiered new design

BETTER LIFE: Avoid foods high in fats or carbohydrates at dinner. A light meal is the best option

DID YOU KNOW THAT: Today is World Book Day?

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