abril 24, 2012

EmpresateNews April 24, 2012

Empresate News April 24, 2012

"More than a power vacuum, so there is a vacuum power " Leopoldo Castillo

Opec116.46 + 103.11-WTI-Brent118.71
DOW 12927.20-NASDAQ 2970.45-
EUR1.3156-GBP 1.6151 + JPY81.230-
EU political uncertainty leads to Wall Street into negative territory. Facebook benefit low 12% in Q3 and reaches 1st 900MM users. Google released a tool to improve use of the mails. Adobe offers its products in the cloud. Walmart has the worst downturn in 14 years. Netflix falls 15% after announcing losses in 1st 3Q
• Failure to supply affected distribution of corn flour
• Government: Delivery of medicines is guaranteed. New LOT nacionales.Divisas will not affect interest for areas where there are not enough trained professionals
• PDVSA has completed 96% of target shipments to China

• 10315437 Mercal has distributed tons of food in 9 years. HCH is celebrating by twitter and qualifies as dirty war laboratories and psychological speculation about his death
• SIP requires the government to respect freedom of information in elections of 7-O
• Operation Morrocoy if Pdval was orchestrated by Aponte
• Judge denies request for censorship of John C. Escotet to Leocenis Garcia
• Ramon G. Aveledo: There will be cooperation with Cuba after this Government

• U.S.: J. Carter warns of possible war with Iran
• Bolivia: Labor Confederation confirms demonstrations and 48-hour strike from today
• Argentina: S & P lowers its rating as measured by YPF, and criticizes
• Guatemala: Otto Perez reaches 82% in popularity after 100 days
• Holland: 1st minister and cabinet resign by economic crisis

• Interrupted electricity in 27 circuits of Zulia
• P. Perez: We see no emergency benefits approved in Sur del Lago

BETTER LIFE: Free your heart from hatred, and your mind from worries, Live simply, Give more and expect less

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