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@ Empresate News April 26, 2012

"It is hard to see yourself as looking back without becoming" Henry Thoreau

Opec115.8 +WTI  104.12 + Brent119.12
DOW 13090.70 +NASDAQ 3029.63 + 
EUR1.3207-GBP 1.6182 + JPY80.940-
IWall Street continues to rise. icloud is now more than 125 million customers. Apple shares rise 8.54% to $ 608.1 financieros.Xbox results driven compensate affected by Barca-Madrid in Imagenio
• April 2012 IMF economic outlook GDP: 4.5% Ecuador. Uruguay 3.5%. Bolivia 5%. Paraguay -1.5%. U.S. 2.1%. Canada 2.1%. Mexico 3.6%. Brazil 3%. Argentina 4.2%.Colombia 4.7%. Vzla 4.7%. Peru 5.5%. Chile 4.3%
• New minimum wage benefit the more than 4mm. More than 3mm of freelancers will be included in IVSS
• Fedeagro: Production of cereals is 50% in 2007 with low profitability. Raw corn flour is 300% above the regulated price
• Citi anticipates that PDVSA will issue bonds in the short term

• HCH arrived to Vzla
• Makled ensures that paid Bs300mil/month to Aponte. Arria: Testimony of Aponte confirms narco state and complaints with the Hague
• Command Capriles Vzla installed. Falcon: We are united, without selfishness or pettiness or sectarianism, but also without fear
• J. Rodriguez urges ruling party to strengthen dissemination of achievements of the Government
• UN officials worried about restrictions on NGO

• Argentina: Interveners deny YPF Repsol investment data
• Spain: Madrid Bayern eliminates the
• Greece: terminating removed from your debt
• France: Hollande want to include Eurobonds if he wins
• China: The 70 richest members of Congress accumulate $ 90Mil MM

• Continuing surprises blackouts 
• GNB oupied for illegal foreign exchange deals Group San Simon

LIVE BETTER: Dinner 2 hrs before bedtime, for just before bedtime disturbs sleep

DID YOU KNOW THAT: The Barca-Chelsea is the sporting event with more tweets / s (13 684)?

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