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EmpresateNews April 3, 2012

@ Empresate News April 3, 2012
“Life has no remote control. Get up and change yourself” Yenny Gonzalez
DOW  13264.50 +NASDAQ 3119.70 +
EUR1.3339 + GBP 1.6039 + JPY81.770-
Wall Street begins 2nd quarter to alza.Google Maps announces update traffic information while emphasizing that no real.RIM Recalls
• Banking services will be available during Easter holiday
• Government approved over 2600 GM for rehabilitation of airports
• Inflation slows in March (0.9%)
• New rule to 6.3 MM LOT of people
• Dealers are required to put in conspicuous places prices
• Prices of marine products rose 30% in one year
• 3rd Econoinvest liquidator must create trust
• increased tax risk appetite of Pdvsa bonds
• Former governor Jesus Aguilarte died
• CNE system audit carried out the Sept. 17 fingerprint readers
• PSUV highlights growing popularity of HCh and denounces conspiracy of bankers and businessmen
• As reported by WikiLeaks, Cuban spies have direct access to the system of HCh
• Ecuador: Correa will not attend Summit of the Americas by the absence of Cuba
• Colombia: Bogotá arrive at the 10 released by FARC. Santos celebrated but says it is not enough
• Uruguay: Exports grew 29.3% in March
• Chile: Men develops technology that lets you play music without prior knowledge
• Guatemala: Prepare plan to prevent failure of energy supply at Easter
• Spain: Rajoy defends adjustment policy
• Metro Mcbo suspended operations at Easter for preventive maintenance
• Oversee adjustment of prices in shops Mcbo
BETTER LIFE: The good teacher clarifyes your own ideas, reinforcing them to teach and recalling that teacher and student are on the same level
DID YOU KNOW THAT: The 1st plane broke the sound barrier was the X-1?

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