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EmpresateNews April 9, 2012

@ Empresate News April 9, 2012

"Where there is an effort to sidestep all, do you tú.Sé away the stone which the road" Gabriela Mistral

Opep121.94-Brent123.0+ WTI102.74 +
DOW 13060.10-NASDAQ 3080.50 +
Stocks end week lower
• HCh announces 32.25% increase in minimum wage. Vzla places with the highest wages in Latin America. From May 1 BS1780, 45. From September 1 Bs2047, 52. 3903408 benefit workers in the country. Fedecamaras: Increase the minimum wage is an isolated measure more  and without consultation. Cadivi SM $ 414, $ 335.93 Sitme. A $ free (BS9) $ 333. Capriles: The increase does not mean real income increase
• Regional governments struggling to meet salary increase
• Vzla occupies last place in ranking technology. Record-Breaking foreign tourists (260mil) in 1st 3Q 2012
• Bernardoni: reduction of working hours must be done in stages

• JVR: New survey favors HCh
• Hch arrived in Havana for 3rd course of radiotherapy
• Cardinal Urosa visitedJudge Afiuni  and pray for his early release
• Reverol: Reduced by 10% of traffic accidents during Easter

• Colombia: Cartagena is ready for Sixth Summit of the Americas
• Brazil: Rousseff seek to strengthen alliance with U.S. in meeting with Obama
• Honduras: There are 638mil credit cards circulating
• Iran: Receipts from exports accumulated $ 178mil in 1 year MM
• Russia: Opposition takes the 1st protest in Red Square in Moscow
• Libya: Government will not deliver to Gaddafi's son to ICC

• Bs400 thousand were stolen in 3  telecajeros in Doral Mall
• 5 persons died during Holy Week in Zulia

BETTER LIFE: The tests that raisins are lessons that you learned that are presented to you where before you did the wrong choice, you can do better

DID YOU KNOW THAT: The Moon and Earth are composed almost of the same stuff?

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