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EmpresateNews May 14, 2012

@ Empresate News May 14, 2012

"Presence of mind and courage in adversity to win success worth more than an army" John Dryden

Opec109.85 + 96.13 WTI-Brent112.26-
DOW 12820.60-NASDAQ 2933.82 +
Wall Street ended the week lower. Disclaimer Scott Thompson, CEO of Yahoo for fraudulent curriculum, he is replaced by Ross Levinsohn. Director of JPMorgan regrets having rejected warnings on operations. Prophecy Krugman: Greece goes to 1 month of the euro, playpen in Spain and if Germany does not succeed, so the euro
• IMF: Vzla will be the 3rd country with the highest inflation in the world 31.6%, Belarus 66%, Ethiopia 33.9%
• Foreigners can buy property with high Pdvsa bonds
• Jaramillo: Interest Petrorinocos inflation will be below
• LOTTT: Every Saturday generates 1 working day of vacation and payment.Postnatal extended to apply those still resting
• Government: Cooperatives are exploitative
• Accused of Pdval returned to their positions in PDVSA

• Pastor Maldonado GP F1 win in Spain. HGH and thanks for his victory PDVSA
• hGH accelerates plans for laundering the proceeds of drug trafficking.Uribe calls him murderer on Twitter
• Velasquez Alvaray: J.V.Rangel, j.Chacón and I. Rodriguez involved in murder of Anderson
• Hinterlaces: Gap between hGH and increased 22% Capriles

• Ecuador: save $ 2milMM/year changing its energy
• Spain: Santander and Bankia require more capital to meet financial reform
• France: Priority Hollande European treaty is renegotiated
• Germany's most populous state punishes Merkel's party in voting

• Zulia managed to gain Mineros
• New mode of the underworld: kidnap people and stealing home

BETTER LIFE: The mother's love is the fuel that you achieve the impossible

DID YOU KNOW THAT: Zoo orangutans experience via communication with iPad?

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