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@ Empresate News May 15, 2012

"I decided to attach myself to love. Hate is too great a burden to bear" Martin Luther King

DOW 12695.30-NASDAQ 2902.30-
EUR1.2859 + + GBP 1.6058-JPY79.930
Wall Street closed lower. Dollar remains strong against its main rivals. BBVA: EU financial tensions are worse than after Lehman bankruptcy. Debut on Wall Street Facebook valued at $ 103milMM
• Venezuelan Bonds close lower
• improve availability of medicines Farmapatria
• Published prevailing interest rates in May to purchase vehicles
• Loan portfolio grew 2.78% in April
• Government will not pay liabilities of companies to expropriate
• 4 Vzla and Ecuador sign cooperation agreements
• 5 of 10 employees working for private companies and 2 for the Government
• Domestic employees have rights like all employees other than the reinstatement
• PDVSA sold to Colombia more than 14.6 liters of petrol MM in April
• María Zambrano: New president of Fonpyme

• Capriles Uribe asks him not to get in Venezuelan elections
• Garcia: So far it is unknown who is the candidate of the ruling for 7-O
• Mature: U.S. only option to deliver to Aponte
• Voters can verify their data in RE today
• Decision of the Supreme Court preventing tenants to pay appropriations

• U.S.: White House stresses need to reform Wall Street after case of JPMorgan
• Colombia: FTA with the U.S. could push farmers to cultivate coca
• France: Hollande required Merkel  to end the duopoly Francogerman
• Italy: Moody's downgrades notes to 26 banks

• Unscheduled outages persist in Mcbo
• Convicted man for illegal transportation of 10,120 liters of gasoline

BETTER LIFE: The home is not a barracks, is a loving womb where it develops people

DID YOU KNOW THAT: Hipopotomonstrosesquipedaliofobia is the fear of long words?

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