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EmpresateNews May 16, 2012

 @ Empresate News May 16, 2012

"Punish those who are jealous of you making good" Arabian Proverb

Opec108.14-WTI-Brent112.24 93.98 +
DOW 12632.00-NASDAQ 2893.70-
EUR1.2719-GBP 1.5915-JPY80.460 +
Wall Street continued to fall. FaceBook reaches 900 M users. Repsol begins Legal action against YPF Argentina
• Consecomercio: New labor regulations lead to a revision regulated prices
• Optimum level of reserves of the BCV is a tax accordion
• Escotet denies that he has been forbidden to leave the country and support the Supreme Court clarifies
• Pdvsa debt closed 2011 at $ 34.8 mM and it climbed to $ 43.3 mM
• Binational Ecuador-Vzla Fund supports projects for $ 25 M
• Outlets had failures in brands and
• International reserves are at $ 2.7 mM, the lowest level since 1997
• Vzla could benefit from the FTA in Colombia and U.S.
• Majority of SMEs are not prepared for LOTTT

• Uribe says he will continue reviewing Vzla. Government condemned terrorist attack in Colombia. Diego Arria regrets that it was against Fernando Londoño
• Submitted a proposal from the Alliance for Vzla we want
• PSUV omit date of next  known public appearance of HCH
• Arango played in Messi's team in the World Cup event in Cancun Maya 2012
• Carlos Fuentes: Hch is flatulent speech

• Colombia: 8 000 products from U.S. will not pay fees for FTA in force since yesterday
• U.S.: Inflation was unchanged in April, due to lower gas prices and gas
• France: formalized yesterday by the president François Hollande
• Spain: Guindos rejects intends to apply corralito
• Italy: Economy shrinks 0.8% in Q1

• Capriles: I want a Zulia where there is security
• Julio Montoya removed China-Vzla Convention

BETTER LIFE: Respect colleagues and peers. You will be a better person and citizen

DID YOU KNOW THAT: In 1940 Dick and Mac McDonald opened the 1st rest. McDonald's in California?

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