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EmpresateNews May 9, 2012

@ Empresate News May 9, 2012

"The kingdoms of the future are the realms of the mind" Churchill
Opec109.85 96.81 WTI-Brent111.31 + +
DOW 12835.10-NASDAQ 2934.71
EUR1.2929-GBP 1.6148 + JPY79.670 +
Wall Street closes its 6th day lower. Telefónica launches its own WhatsApp with video. SlideShare on LinkedIn acquires $ 118 MM.Apple laptop with a counter for $ 800
• BCV CPI: Ene1, 5%; feb1, 1%; mar0 9%, 0.8% in April.Cumulative 4.4%. Current Inflationary Core (Jan-April) 5.9%.
• ECLAC Inv. Ext, Direct AL: $ 17299MM Chile, Colombia $ 13234MM, Peru $ 7659MM, 5302MM $ Vzla
• Family food basket rose BsF55, 32 opened
• J. De Freitas: Each Bsf wage increase for an employee brings a load of Bs2, 5
• BCV weekly agrobond auction
• 230 thousand b / d of oil will go to debt repayment China
• Study application tab of wages in the private sector

• Marquina: hGH tumor metastasizes via hematogenous
• Velasquez Alvaray: JVR ordered sentenced to 30 years of Lazaro Forero, Simonovis, Vivas and PM. There is war between the military poster. Tascon list was actually made by Carrasquero.Cliver Alcala has a drug cartel
• Luisa Morales nominates a member of the Council of State
• Aponte physical relocation of relatives waiting to testify on the government with drug trafficking links
• MP presented evidence on the use of aircraft for drug trafficking in the case Makled
• Julio Iglesias assault on Valencia

• Peru: Production of key metals grows in March
• Argentina: Approves Law dignified death for terminally ill
• Chile: Approves law against discrimination after gay teen murder
• Spain: Government nationalizes Bankia

• last night was kidnapped Bonino Parts owner's daughter
• Today Expozulia  opens Expomoda in Sambil

BETTER LIFE: Start using time as a tool to achieve peace and happiness

DID YOU KNOW THAT: Today in 1994 N. Mandela is 1 black president of South Africa?

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