enero 31, 2012

EmpresateNews January 31, 2012

@Empresate News 31 Jan 2012 

"If you want your secret to be kept, save yourself" Seneca 

Opec111.31 + WTI98.78-Brent110.75- 
DOW  12653.70-  NASDAQ 2811.94-
GBP 1.5768 +EUR1.3191 + JPY76.360 +
Wall Street closes down. Asian leaders criticize Europeans slow to overcome the crisis. Coca-Cola launches a coconut drink, called Zico.NASA launches Facebook game about space exploration 
• Fedeagro on alert for possible exclusion from the new fund private sector in agricultural 
• Debt slows new contract from PDVSA 
• Last batch of 14 tons of gold coming into the country. Merentes: Repatriation of gold is an act of financial prudence and sovereignty 
• Cost of living has risen 1273% since December 1999 
• Acts of domestic corruption tremble Movistar Venezuela 
• Government makes use of silver savers 

• MCM will be scoops today announced that the country 
• Iris Varela: With new combat system procedural delays 
• Mexican Ambassador suffers express kidnapping in Caracas and Mexico calls for investigation 
• Admit complaint against a judge of the Supreme Court for granting credentials to Makled 
• Luis Vicente Leon: It's more chance of winning close to Chavez 
• Capriles: The letters are drawn for the next 12 

• Peru: Earthquake of 6.2 degrees left 145 injured 
• U.S.: Obama campaign says that Republicans despise the Hispanic vote.Scientists create self-directed the 1st bullet 
• Greece: EU pushes for deal with banks closing and adjustment meets 
• Spain: Rajoy: Many decisions will not like trade unions and employers 
• Iran: Islamic Revolution will celebrate the anniversary of intelligent ammunition 

• Pablo Perez at Bullring full: I'm going to get 600 000 votes in the Zulia 
• Parallel Saime GNB Mcbo dismantled 

A BETTER LIFE: Prepare your food grilled, steamed, grilled, baked, stewed or lightly salted parrillacon 

DID YOU KNOW THAT: On Earth there are more than 1 mm of earthquakes each year? 


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