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EmpresateNews February 2, 2012

@ Empresate February 2, 2012

"It is impossible to live without failing, if you have not failed you have not lived" Nestor Borjas

Opec111.21 + WTI97.61-Brent111.56  +
DOW   12716.50 + NASDAQ 2748.27 +
Wall Street closes in high.Facebook prepares the largest IPO in history. SAP Latin America recorded 22% growth in software sales
•  PDVSA's oil sales to U.S 20% went down in November
• Seniat  active  points in malls for cancellation of the Income Tax
• In April ready new LOT
• Trade between Cuba and grew Vzla 78%
• Fegaven aims to reduce agricultural interest rate of 13% to 8%
• Movistar working to resolve failures of the last days

• Pablo Perez will begin its dialogue with government productive sectors
• Jesse Chacon: Alliance of Capriles and Lopez is an agreement of economic groups
• AN oversee the bank's agricultural loans
• President of the Supreme Court: COPP and Penal Code does not match reality
• Jaua warns opposition intends to auction the country again
• Vzla among the 10 countries with the highest kidnapping nro

• Brazil: Open your arms to foreign professionals
• Colombia: Government closes 2011 fiscal deficit of 2.2%
• U.S.: Senators call for vigilance against the threat of drug traffickers in Vzla and Cuba
• Poland: It rises to 20 dead from the cold
• Egypt: more than 70 people die after invading football field
• Greece: Government recognizes that it is about to go bankrupt

• Professional association supports nomination of Paul Perez
• Arias Cardenas and Diosdado Cabello led Mcbo 4F acts

BETTER LIFE: Thanks to all the good life you have. Write at least 10 things you have to give you happiness. This forces you to focus only on the good

DID YOU KNOW THAT: The Australian Kakadu Plum has more than 100 times Vitamin C than oranges? 

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