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@Empresate News February 27, 2012

"To talk, ask first, then listen to" Antonio Machado

Opep121.70 +  WTI109.77 + Brent125.47 + 
DOW  12983.00- NASDAQ 2963.75 +
EUR1.3456 + 1.5871 GBP-JPY81.100-
Wall Street closes down. SELA proposes to shield the region to external shocks. G-20 will review funding for the IMF in April
• Operating reserves down to the lowest level in 15 years
• There is a proposal that public employees are governed by LOT
• Country risk bets grow downward direction
• Rafael Ramirez: The country leaves behind petrolero.Pdvsa enclave scheme hopes to increase no. of drills operating in 2012
• Government says more than 28,000 homes built in capital region
• The Aissami: We can not occupy land in an anarchic way. We do not endorse invasions
• 2 500 MM Bs in spending approved hGH before traveling
• With Agropatria producer support was lost
• Angel Marcano, new president of CVG Alcasa
• More than 500 000 people have enrolled in Mission Work

• Ask Caracazo declassified files
• Health hGH  opens opportunities to  Capriles
• Earthquake of 4.3 was recorded in 5 municipalities of Sucre
• Ledezma: Advance polls would give coup
• Cofavic: TSJ has helped to leave unpunished the 27F

• Colombia: FARC announced that they no longer carry out kidnappings and release of 10 hostages
• Argentina: Free Universal Bank Account reaches 100,000 users
• Peru: Pilar trade with EU FTA would come into effect this year
• U.S.: Crisis in Europe will impact. Held Oscars
• Russia: According to Putin, military attack on Iran would be a catastrophe

• Owner of The Paionios still waiting INTI trading after intervention
• Start today JEL census Scholarship

A BETTER LIFE: Think, interpret and perceive what life presents you from the fullness, searching behind appearances

DID YOU KNOW THAT: Women are more likely to remove friends on social networks?

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