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EmpresateNews February 28, 2012

@Empresate News February 28, 2012

"Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired" Jules Renard

Opep122.86 + WTI108.56_Brent124.17-
DOW  12981.50- NASDAQ 2966.16 +
EUR1.3439 + GBP 1.5856 + JPY80.470-
Wall Street closes  flat. Oil down Gold up. Apple has established itself as the world's most valuable company
• R. Cabezas compare economic policy of opposition to the CAP
• Jaua critical attitude of the opposition to raise China.Se agreements with credit line of $ 38mil MM
• Published prices of 612 products covered by the Law of Costs. Discount up to 25% the prices of 19 products that were frozen. 1 month ultimatum to lower prices.Predicted shortages
• ABC: Vzla only has currency for 2 months and is on the verge of bankruptcy
• Merentes: Venezuelan international reserves are located in $ 28 milMM

• Total silence on the 2nd operation to HCh
• Keller: hGH can lose the elections and even life on the road
• Ramirez says oil spill was caused Anzoátegui
• PSUV launches campaign command of HCh. Maduro would be the candidate if he reveals ausencia.WikiLeaks said is between 1 and 2 years of life
• Minister of Defence approved public safety plan proposed by GNB

• Colombia: Set for release within 1 month of 10 hostages from FARC
• Ecuador: Correa forgive journalists condemned
• U.S.: Persist in search of El Chapo Guzman as bin Laden sought
• Chile: Unforgettable closing in Vina del Mar
• Syria: Activists reported death of 138 people
• Greece: S & P cuts rating to default

• Eveling Trejo: We are paving Mcbo before the rains begin
• 35 doctors of the Hospital of The Watcher quit

A BETTER LIFE: Live exclusive, hard day without wanting to solve all the problems in your life once

DID YPU KNOW THAT: Some moths of Africa and Asia drink the tears of crocodiles and elephants?

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