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EmpresateNews March 12, 2012

@Empresate 12 Mar 2012

"It distributes the fruits of the tree, but not the tree" Felipe Gonzalez

Opep124.13 + WTI106.58  + Brent123.29
DOW  12922.00 + NASDAQ 2988.34 +
Wall Street higher. The euro and the bags shifted their focus to the peripheral
• HCh approved  Bs MM 16814 and MM $ 1135 for housing
• Postponed exchange rate adjustment and aggravates sobrevaluación.El real exchange rate stood at end-January by 7.8 Bs / $
• Sundecop guaranteed supply of regulated products
• Industry and cheese, and livestock, expect revision of costs
• Failure to affect electric service to 11 states
• Sesto: The President takes the challenge of building3 MM of   houses  in 7 years
• Regulate rental property for commercial use
• PDVSA will be closer to capitalism thriving foray into Asia with his bag
• Government shall provide agricultural bonds for up to 10mil Bs MM

• Capriles: We will have a healthcare system made in Venezuela
• HCh: God willing I will be next Sunday in the Country, in Venezuela
• CNE calls political parties to participate in audit today
• Apply change in Special Education with Cuban stamp
• Ex-presidents reminded the country the foundations of democracy in Words for Venezuela
• Quijada leaves the PSUV for political differences

• Russia: Putin's triumphant return to power
• Spain: Mass protests against labor reform
• Iran: Ahmadinejad objects to threats against his government
• France: Sarkozy threatens to leave the Schengen agreement
• Japan: commemorates earthquake and tsunami with prayers and protests
• Syria: Kofi Annan fails to agree with Al Assad

• Spill Catatumbo affected  Sur del Lago areas
• Killed El Gato Melean  of 25 shots in the Ports Alta Gracia

BETTER LIFE: Love deeply through a touch, listening in silence the word of the beloved and forgives an offense

DID YOU KNOW THAT: Circumcision prevents prostate cancer?

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