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@Empresate 16 Mar 2012

"Only who builds the future has the right to judge the past," Friedrich Nietzsche

DOW  13262.60 + NASDAQ 3056.37 +
EUR1.3076-GBP 1.5733 + JPY83.870 +
Wall Street and European markets rising termiman encouraged by IMF assistance to Greece Oil falls after agreement between U.S. and Great Bretaña.Acciones Apple reaches $ 600 for 1st time
• Vzla is the 4th largest market in Latin America for Canada
• PC processor sales will rise 4% in 2012
• 13% of the 2011 budget was spent on subsidies
• Workers expect prompt Rusoro takeover of company
• They claim that LOT is listo.OIT project advocates for open debate on LOT
• Bakers ask 190% hike in price of the tap
• exempted from VAT on imports for health sector
• Permits for home construction fell 25.5%
• Increased capital outflows and add $ 33 milMM in 2011

• J.Chacón: Primary failed to curb tendency of approval for HCh
• R. Ramirez: Nobody invests in a bankrupt company
• Report and Accounts AN review of ministries in the economic
• denounce plan to detain lawyers Afiuni
• 86.7% of new registrants in REP are young

• Argentina: Mobile Number Portability starts today
• Colombia: Attacks on oil is on alert to foreign markets
• Cuba: hGH: We are not going to be a great power but if we are going to be a potencia.ABC: hGH spends $ 200mil / day
• Ecuador: Gambling will become illegal from tomorrow
• Brazil: New oil spill field operated by Chevron
• Greece: IMF Approves € 28mil MM

• AIESEC Mcbo makes CLIC  at  Sambil  tomorrow
• 3rd Successful aortic valve implantation without surgery on HUM

BETTER LIFE: Constribuye saving energy. The planet will thank you

DID YOU KNOW THAT: Only 1 person from 2 billions live 116 years or more?

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