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@Empresate News 14 Mar 2012

"A Warrior armor may change but not in heart" Anonymous

Opep124.13 + WTI106.71  +  Brent126.22+
DOW  13177.70 + NASDAQ 3039.88 + 
GBP 1.5728 +EUR1.3086 + JPY83.570+
Wall Street breaks barrier of 13000. European Parliament approves establish quotas for women in European companies. Aladi forum convenes the region's economy ministers
• Moody's affirms ratings of Venezuelan bonds and expected devaluation in 2013
• Subscription TV companies charge higher rates
• Chamber of Construction says that shortages of bars is 75%
• Bonds close decorated Venezuelans rising
• Oil Collective agreements expect to see white smoke oil in 3 weeks
• Making Smurfit farms threatens food packaging
• Regular boom threatens holiday shopping

• Venezuela reiterates Guyana to the Essequibo territory is "controversy
• Ministry of Health warns of Chinese slimming pills consumption
• Sidor distributed some 22 000 tons of rebar in February
• Children comprehensive centers will be relocated to Simoncitos
• Approves AN solidarity with Syria
• CCh announces approval of resources by phone and Twitter work exalts Fidel Castro

• Chile: Digital TV law turns controversial
• Argentina: CPI rose 0.7% in Feb
• Ecuador: Development of local industry can increase sugar exports
• Peru: 8 concession road paving projects for U.S. $ 1.444MM
• Mexico: Calderon called to this administration as the infrastructure

• Evaluate oil source in palafitos
• Ask Maracaibo to denounce illegal casinos

A LIVE BETTER: Be like the birds: the day begins singing. Music is food for the spirit. Sing anything, sing out of tune, but sing. Singing expands the lungs and opens the soul to all the good things life has to offer

DID YOU KNOW THAT: Encyclopedia Britannica will no longer be printed after 244 years? 

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