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EmpresateNews March 22, 2012

@ Empresate News 22 Mar 2012

"Many of the failures of man, because he does not realize how close they were to success when desist" Thomas Alva Edison

DOW NASDAQ 3075.32 + 13124.60-
EUR1.3230 + 1.5867 GBP-JPY83.200-
Wall Street closes lower on the 2nd dia.Twitter is 6 years. Smokers cost the world between 1% and 2% of GDP global.HP merge and print businesses seeking patent PC.Nokia tattoos phone calls warn
• People got more resources than the mayors
• Ramírez: Pdvsa will soon announce debt issuance in Hong Kong
• Comersso spent Rs 17.56 MM to open 5 branches and create 16 jobs
• Barboza: 60% of government borrowing is intended for Fiscal Management
• Producers require Sunflower price adjustment
• Government established industrial and commercial registration
• HCh urged to invest surplus Knowing and Labour mission in the community

• Person puts to sea in PLC-Margaret Ferry
• Trap the founder of FARC via Maiquetía
• Arreaza: support of Argentina highlights  expanding digital TV Vzla
• Denounce paramilitary training in the country
• 80% of water is not safe, say experts
• Maduro gave details of discussion of new LOT
• P.Eusse: 6 hours Working hours allow creation of new jobs

• Colombia: FARC hostage release will begin on Monday
• Brazil:  Present criminal charges against Chevron
• Peru: Wait attract investments of over $ 10mil MM
• Russia: Signature agreement with Belarus to build nuclear plant

• Sworn to P.Perez Capriles as coordinator of the Tri Command of Zulia
• 500 000 Zulia women began receiving assignments Vzla Sons

BETTER LIFE: Contribute your example in promoting values ​​in your children and loved ones

DID YOU KNOW THAT: Painting Picasso's mistress auctioned at $ 30 MM in New York? 

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