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EmpresateNews March 5, 2012

@ Empresate News 5 Mar 2012

"Evil seeks to fragment. Good triumphs Joining" Anonymous

DOW 12977.60-NASDAQ 2976.19-
EUR1.3208 + 1.5822 GBP-JPY81.680-
Wall Street and European stock markets fall again. Apple re-crowned as the most admired company in the world by Fortune
• Venezuelan Bonds continue to rise
• 28 days remain to declare income tax
• Nearly 60% of the population work in services, sales or factory worker is
• Clinics chance to adjust demand agreement with ministries
• construction of 183,285 counts Government housing
• Global Traders the coltan trade with Venezuela
• In 2 days BCV reserves recovered $ 1.8 MM

• Smothering Warairarepano fire in national park
• It hurts the son of Ismael Garcia in Capriles concentration
• HCh from Cuba: come several weeks of recovery and treatment with radioterapia.Analisis: 1) Much symbolism Cuba-Vzla 2) Only with its nearest environment 3) Working against rumors 4) Determination of giving image that does not pass no 5) recorded program
• AN seeks proposals for reform of LOT
• Venezuelan Constitution is an example of misuse of language

• Argentina: Economists believe that level of investment will remain
• Honduras: Fuel costs reach higher with further increase
• Brazil: Lula was hospitalized for mild lung infection
• Germany: Merkel challenges facing European fiscal pact
• Russia: Putin wins presidential elections
• Spain: Rajoy defends new deficit target and predicts recovery of credibility

• Pablo Perez be gladly accepted Capriles campaign manager in Zulia 
• Triumph Guajira Act if case of Bachaqueros 

A BETTER LIFE: Learning more every day. Enjoy the beautiful moments and challenge in adversity

DID YOU KNOW THAT: A woman of 66 years gives birth to twins in Switzerland?

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