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EmpresateNews March 1, 2012

@Empresate News 1 Mar 2012

"The pride never goes where it goes, but always came down to where" Anonymous

Opep122.15- Brent122.66+WTI107.07 +
DOW  12952.10- NASDAQ 2966.89-
EUR1.3327 + GBP 1.5941 + JPY81.040--
Wall Street and European stock markets fall because U.S. poor prospects. Facebook  renews  pages for companies. Microsoft introduces its revolutionary Windows 8. Poverty affects MM 1290 people in the world
• Venezuelan bonds rebound
• Jobs in Vzla most requested: security guards
• Regulation covers the full range of 19 items and their varieties
• Coffee Growers exoneration request payment of debt
• Supplies Agropatria 23.15% increase
• Seniat: There are 170 points to state income tax
• Shipments to China by agreements totaling 200 thousand b / d
• PDVSA will have 373 drilling operations at end 2012

• Spain 5-Vzla 0 in friendly Futbol.César Farias: It's a win that we're ashamed
• INE: Population is 28 MM Vzla 800 000 inhabitants
• Adam Chavez urged to denounce internal traitors  It begins campaign Chavism without HCh
• Carrasquero: Fine of the Supreme Court against Albanes is set to right
• UNICEF: Children wealthy Venezuelan cities studied longer than the poor
• In Official Gazette Sports Act regulations

• U.S.: Respond to any threat from Iran in Latin America
• Peru: Buenaventura will increase silver production up 18% this year
• Russia: Installs 200mil webcams to monitor elections
• Spain: Detained members of Anonymous 4
• New Zealand: Rebuild giant penguin that lived in prehistoric

• MUD-Zulia announce candidacies of Pablo Perez and  Eveling Rosales
• Initiates automation in gasoline sales in Sur del lago

BETTER LIFE: Give it your best. Vibrates in the goodness, leading to its ultimate expression your ability to be

DID YOU KNOW THAT: In Dana Point, California, 2 000 dolphins spontaneously competed in speed with a boat?

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