abril 11, 2012

EmpresateNews April 11, 2012

EmpresateNews April 11, 2012

"If you are absent during my fight, do not expect to be present for my success," Will Smith

DOW 12715.90-NASDAQ 2991.22-
GBP 1.5871 EUR1.3085 + + + JPY80.770
Wall Street back again with the Dow down 200 points, its biggest decline this year. Q3 Audi has its best in history with 346 thousand units. Sony ended year and expects losses of $ 6 400 MM. IMF urges exporters of raw materials to prepare for low prices
• Venezuelan bonds closed lower, weighed down by falls in U.S. and EU
• Sales of new vehicles grew 28.9% compared to 2011
• Producers want faster payments for their crops
• Carmona speaks of the days before the coup
• Social benefits deposited in the bank account for Bs41925 MM
• Central Bolivarian Government is not afraid to drive benefits

• Capriles submit a proposal  Missions Act. Collect signatures for approval
• J. Rodriguez: hGH wallow in the far right the 7-O
• Mackled Foreman sentenced to 11 years in prison
• Sri Sri Ravi Shankar visit Vzla to talk peace
• Government will establish diplomatic escrow service rise of insecurity

• U.S.: Withdrawal of Santorum  leaving Romney the way open for Obama measured
• Colombia: Young entrepreneurs have proposed Summit of the Americas. Cause Obama feeling guayabera
• Chile: It begins to rebel against gay discrimination
• Peru: Registration of new cars up 17% in 1st 3Q
• Iran suspends oil sales to Spain

• G. Villalobos: We have allocated more than 200 000 canaimitas so far to the school this year
• A. Cardenas is the head of the Campaign Carabobo in Zulia

BETTER LIFE: The good humor not only helps the person who gives it but also the receiver. It always brings welfare, development and peace

DID YOU KNOW THAT: Today is the 10th anniversary of April 11, power vacuum or Vzla coup?

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