abril 18, 2012

EmpresateNews April 18, 2012

@ Empresate News April 18, 2012

"The way we see the problem is the problem," Stephen Covey

Opec116.98-WTI Brent118.78 + 104.2 +
DOW 13115.50 +NASDAQ 3042.82 +
EUR1.3115-GBP 1.5924 + JPY81.340 +
Wall Street again exceeds the 13000.Wendy 's Burger King dethroned and now occupies 2nd place in global sales. Walter Piecyk forecast drop in Apple
• New Lot: Workers will have access to 75% performance when they ask.Maduro: Fund performance will protect workers from bankrupt companies
• Inti: Owners pay taxes on idle land and non-conforming use
• Sitme negotiated over $ 74mm on Tuesday
• Payroll public sector increased from 1 year to 2607369 2453179 employees
• Motorola returns with Digitel with cheap 3G phones
• Central Bank lowered interest rates to performance-old
• Martini: Market rent is virtually paralyzed

• Capriles: will present a credible plan and easy to use
• hGH via twitter congratulated the CNE on registration day in RE, with new voters 1360598
• Approved discussion 1st Organic Law of Social Security
• Cabinet approved resources for 2012 elections
• 1074 Government acquire secondary market for housing homeless • They claim that Judge Afiuni must report every 3 hours with their guardians

• Argentina: review price of YPF, but will not pay what Repsol ask.  Repsol-YPF is the largest oil producer in the country
• Peru: Economy grew 6% in 1st Q3 year
• Uruguay: Today will be shipped to China 4400 calves
• U.S.: Aponte accuses D. Cabello  and Cliver Alcala drugdealers
• Spain: Rajoy sees his key reforms

• LUZ Elections are defined today at University Council
• Maduro:   Bs204MM ad for approval of Zulia

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DID YOU KNOW THAT: Using SMS is 20 years old?

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