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EmpresateNews April 25, 2012

@ Empresate News April 25, 2012

"You can not prevent the wind, but we can build windmills" Dutch Proverb

Opec115.5-WTI 103.55 + Brent118.16-
DOW 13001.60 +NASDAQ 2961.60 -
EUR1.3195-GBP 1.6142-JPY81.410 +
Street iWall retrieves 13000. Apple surprises with its results: 11.8MM sold iPhones in Q3 1st year and shoot 93% gain ($ 11,600 MM). Greenpeace against the contamination site. LinkedIn launches new tool for recruiters in the world
• CVC: The sector is lagging behind
• Japan financed $ 1000 MM PDVSA, through JBIC for oil projects
• Natural gas production grows 2.3% of PDVSA in 2011
• joint venture will not be Agropatria
• Churches: Approved IVSS decree amending and increasing the minimum wage
• More than Bs425MM spent on Internet advertising in 2011

• HCH TV from Cuba: This majunchismo advantage over us we will continue to consolidate. He claims to have covenant with Christ and forgives those who spread rumors about his death
• Supreme Court ordered the sale of vitamins for pregnant women with medical recipe
• Vzla Unicef ​​Report: Mortality rate of children under 5 years, 1990 = 33 2010 = 18.Average / year per capita GDP growth (%): 1970-1990 = -1.6; 1990 to 2010 = 0.3
• CNE has digitized 16.8 MM fingerprint

• Uruguay: Internet Rates among the cheapest in the region
• Colombia: Businessmen meet in Cali at 20 days of starting FTA with U.S.
• U.S.: Romney won the Republican primary in 5 states that voted yesterday
• Spain: Barca was eliminated by Chelsea
• France: They believe that if he wins Hollande mark turning point in Europe

• Mcboregisters  humidity of 84%
• Death of a Wayuú  could revive  bachaqueros and Polimcbo conflict

BETTER LIFE: Avoid buying toys that promote violence or minimize risks to children's physical integrity

DID YOU KNOW THAT: The favorite seat on a plane is the 6A?

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