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EmpresateNews May 7, 2012

@ Empresate News May 7, 2012

"Leadership is a chore, not a job. People do not belong to you, you are a member of them" Max De Pree

DOW 13038.30-NASDAQ 2956.34-
EUR1.3034-GBP 1.6170 + JPY79.830-
Wall Street ended the week lower. G-20 warns of a new world crisis
• promote Fedeindustria that social benefits are deposited in the National Fund
• Purchase a good investment petrobonos
• 6 branches will Banesco USA with purchase of Security Bank, National Association
• 195505 houses have been completed between 2011 and 2012
• OPEC does not include increased production of hill crudo.Petroleo week $ 114.03
• Government provides grant financing to SMEs to meet Lottt. Take effect this week
• Government: Installed Capacity in MW electricity will come to 30000

• World Newspapers  are already preparing HCh obituaries. State Council will pave the way for his successor
• Supreme Court says is unobjectionable Lottt
• HCh congratulated Hollande and hopes to deepen bilateral cooperation for the construction of a multipolar world
• Capriles: When they take our resources, take them off to community organization
• Lopez: never be known by every Venezuelan who will vote the 7-O
• IVAD: Intention to vote for HCh  is 58% in April

• Bolivia: Morales faces the 7th straight week of strikes and conflicts
• U.S.: FBI wants access to Facebook or Google + user profile
• France: Hollande is the new president
• Germany: Merkel loses strength in regional elections
• Greece: Conservatives defeat the Socialists in elections

• Held the 2nd successful Latin American Public Laughter Therapy in La Vereda del Lago
• Heavy rains wreak havoc

BETTER LIFE: Never let an opportunity pass to make you happy, just because others do not like

DID YOU KNOW THAT: People spend 51% of our time talking about brands?

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