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EmpresateNews May 9, 2102

@ Empresate News May 9, 2012

"Conscience is the voice of the soul, the passions is the voice of the body" Shakespeare

DOW  12932.10-NASDAQ 2946.27
Wall Street closed lower again. European leaders extraordinary summit held on May 23. BBVA estimates that Latin America will grow 4% in 2012. Facebook started touring in support of OPA. 3M integrates loans eReaders and eBooks
• Cadivi investigated 20 000 people for fraudulent practices
• Econometrica: What cost $ 1 in U.S. in 1998 now costs $ 1.39, what cost 1BsF in 1998 now costs BsF 14
• 34.2% of Chinese works of the Fund faces delay
• Reduce to 6 months for permits to import food
• Vzla: 4th place in Latin America Number of franchises
• Clinics will have to expand payroll to meet LOTTT
• Movistar: sales exceeded forecasts smartphnes
• MinEnElec absorbed over 4600 contract workers

• Predicmatic revealed tie between hGH and Capriles
• A.Álvarez: The succession is already raised in the PSUV
• approves AN Bs over 2273 GM for presidential and regional elections
• MUD-government leaders asked to respect Electoral Act
• Citizen of Sri Lanka takes 3 months trapped in Maiquetia Airport
• Government distributed 2000 copies of the LOTTT in Plaza Bolivar

• Chile: April inflation was 0.1%
• France: Hollande sees EU support its growth plans
• Spain: Country with more Erasmus students, send and receive
• China: Smartphone sales leads
• Russia: Parliament elected Medvedev  as 1st minister
• Saudi Arabia produces 10 mb / d

• P. Perez: LOTTT new jobs threat
• Died Victor Rios, president of Asonez

BETTER LIFE: Run or jog regularly. Extends the life

DID YOU KNOW THAT : iPhone users spend 5 times more money on video games than Android's?

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