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EmpresateNews December 20, 2011

@Empresate News December 20, 2011

"Intangible assets are today the most important ideas: people, teamwork, passion, values and knowledge" A. Webber


Opec106.88-WTI93.88 + Brent103.64-
DOW  11766.30- NASDAQ 2523.14-
EUR1.3082GBP 1.5632 + JPY77.9765-
Wall Street closes day at negativo.Bank of America lost the five dollars per share.Saudi Prince Walid BinTalal invests $ 300 million in GM stock Twitter.Tiene, Citigroup & Apple.La network grew 2146% between October 2012 2010/11.Draghi warns of difficult to bond markets. The world welcomes the death of Kim Jong-il with fear and uncertainty
• Sovereign Bonds fall as Pdvsa bonds close mixed
• Jaua: "Sidor was broken when the nationalized"
• SITME: 378 days accumulated $ 13,879.06 operativos.Monto mm T / C Implicit 5.30. Average traded per day $ 36.71 mm "Negotiated Amount 19/12 $ 32.75 mm.
• Stops the fall term deposits
• Negotiate the sale of buildings leased more than 20 years
• Incorporate a new 8561 Social Security pensioners from January
• Cuba and Venezuela sign 47 cooperation agreements thousand 600 million dollars

Venezuela Daily News

• Mercosur Social Summit suggests Venezuela full entry
• Chávez enacted the Law Reform Practice of Medicine and the Law on Racial Discrimination. Also enacted the Rational and Efficient Use of Energy.
• 69,283 families have been recorded in Grand Mission Children of Venezuela
• María Corina Machado: The House of Mary is at the service of unity
• Guanare: Mother of child admits that Dayan could die in satanic ritual
• Psuv rejects "blatant intentions" of Uribe to engage in election campaign
• Express Kidnapping is the crime that has risen in December


• Guatemala: Colom leaves the presidency with a clear conscience
• Peru: they call using text messages after a disaster
• Cuba decreed three days of mourning for the death of the monarch Koreano
• U.S.: Ask a stable and peaceful transition in North Korea
• France: Anne Sinclair, wife of Strauss-Kahn, outstanding woman of 2011
• Syria: UN condemns human rights violation
• South Korea military vigilance nuclear alert to the sudden power vacuum in the North
• North Korea means the son of the late Kim Jong-Il as the new leader


• Government spends only 0.26% of budget on housing
• Eveling Rosales: "It is urgent national government support to rebuild the western Maracaibo"
• Authorities say Manuelote  and Tule waters down
• Pablo Perez, the national government continues to become dull as the people suffer


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