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EmpresateNews February 22, 2012

@ Empresate News February 22, 2012

"There is no to try, there is to do" Master Yoda

Opep119.20 +  WTI105.84 +  Brent121.66 +
DOW  12965.70 + NASDAQ 2948.57 -
EUR1.3229-GBP 1.5717-JPY80.150 +
Wall Street barrier exceeds 13000 points. Crude oil futures closed at a 9 months by Greece and Iran. Eurozone rate remain attached. Bail for Kim Dotcom founder Megaupload
• Venezuelan bonds closed with significant increases
• truck and tractor factory in partnership with Belarus will open in March
• In rose 9.8% Number of Internet users in 2011
• automate the 108 gas stations in tachira
• How much is 1BsF today? 37.1 cents (or 37.1%) of 1BsF Jan-2008
• Shortage rises to highest level since May 2008
• Balance of Payments Non-oil Imports: 2008 $ 46,709 MM $ 2009 35676MM © 2010 by $ 33,020 MM 2011 by $ 40,426 MM

•Hch reappears on TV to battle rumors about his health. "Now this life is not mine. I wish God would lengthen it." Must be operated in Cuba of new tumor in a place where you extracted earlier
• JCLoyo: "With the Comandant Chavez  this country will have future.  Without him, comes the verguero"
• CNE has not yet published in GO 7O call for elections

• U.S.: Inventories of crude oil have fallen by 2nd week
• Chile: Piñera begins tour to monitor earthquake reconstruction by 2010
• Nicaragua: Parliament ratifies new president of Central Bank
• Spain: report Savers building yard
• Greece: Subtract emphasis on budget monitoring

• IVAD A. Cardenas wo=in P. Perez GEZ
• 92 thousand people were mobilized from Mcbo Carnival
• Died Hilarion Cardozo the former governor of Zulia

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