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EmpresateNews April 12, 2012

@ Empresate News April 12, 2012

"In retaliation, the weak are always the most ferocious" Maurice Barrès

Opec119.38-WTI102.7 +Brent120.18  +
DOW  12805.40 +NASDAQ 3016.46 +
GBP 1.5927 EUR1.3135 + + + JPY80.890
Wall Street close in rise.Nokia reduced its earnings forecast. Facebook acquires Instagram for $ 1mil MM. Apple now worth $ 600 000 MM. Google redesigns their social network
• Fedeagro: Price Adjustment encourage grain planting
• Venetur: sole shareholder companies of 4 hotels
• Additional appropriations approved during the year totaling BS13 milMM
• Rangel: There can be more democratic and participatory law that the LOT.
Fund performance will be only for the public sector
• Russian Oil Gazprombak operate two sites in northwest of the country

• Carmona: We are aware that the 11-A was a missed opportunity
• HCR: For political campaign can not be tripping the community
• HCh reached the country last night
• 1221738 new voters were registered in 8 months in RE
• Denounce armed shelters on the island of Margarita
• Baduel called nonviolent struggle
• 11-A Victims demand justice for their families

• Colombia: CHCh come to Summit if his health permits, according to Santos
• Argentina: Repsol YPF now faces a key day for the future
• Mexico: 6.4 magnitude earthquake rocks central
• U.S.: Romney prepares assault against Obama campaign
• Australia: Unemployment rate remains at 5.2%
• France: Spain's economic crisis becomes election issue
• Syria: Government announces withdrawal of the Army Kofi Annan

• Mazuco surgery went well and could be subjected to chemotherapy
• The retaining wall broke  in the Rio Chama

BETTER LIFE: Paint walls and ceilings in light colors to reflect light better in them

DID YOU KNOW THAT: Popcorn contains more antioxidants than fruit?

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