abril 10, 2012

EmpresateNews April10, 2012

EmpresateNews April 10, 2012

"Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely" Lord Acton

DOW 12929.60-NASDAQ 3047.08-
Wall Street retreats after the disappointment of U.S. employment data. Eliminate jobs 10mil Sony in 2013. Pinterest and is the 3rd most used social network in the U.S.. AOL sells more than 800 patents to Microsoft for 807MM
• Socialist Central warns Fedecámaras sabotage by new lot. Held increased HCh
• Government Fund administered benefits all workers in the country
• They project slight improvement in purchasing power after raising the minimum wage and benefit pensioners 2MM
• Capriles: To lower inflation must increase domestic production

• The Aissami: 20735297 people were mobilized in the country at Easter
• M.A.Rodríguez Makled complaint closed trial. His ranch foreman admitted responsibility for cocaine trafficking
• Captured murder suspect Libero Lazzo
• Residence of Ambassador of Mexico was raid 
• General meeting with participants in HCh and Raul Castro returned to Vzla in Citation of SATA. R.Baduel cell was paved
• Costa Rica and Vzla: Latin American Countries happiest, world ranking

• U.S.: Danger IPO  for Empire State
• Bolivia: IRS Raises $ 1163MM in 1st 3Q 2012
• Spain: GM has lost 5 sheep in last 5 years
• India: It is almost ready system to check BlackBerry messages
• Russia: More than 18mil died of AIDS carriers in 2011, 17.5% more than in 2010

• Maracaibo strange phenomenon reported around the sun
• In Baralt Lyceum will now be making time for issuing identity cards

BETTER LIFE: When facing a challenge, find ways, not an exit

DID YOU KNOW THAT: publish more than 200 thousand documents related to Titanic?

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