febrero 16, 2012

EmpresateNews February 16, 2012

@Empresate News February 16, 2012

"You see things and say, Why? But I dream things that never were and say, why not?" George Bernard Shaw

Brent118.93+ Opec116.63-WTI101.6 + 
DOW  12781.00- NASDAQ 2915.83-
EUR1.3003-GBP 1.5678 + JPY78.810 +
Wall Street closes down. Brent rises to a maximum of 8 meses.Kellogg Co acquires Procter & Gamble's Pringles
• Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note
• are reactivated Colombian exports to the country gained
• Food Basket INE: 1764.12 Bs in Jan
• Pdvsa to Exxon Mobil paid $ 250 MM
• Loan portfolio of the bank rose 49.7% in 12 months
• Authorizes the creation of Russian joint venture Venezuelan flowers
• Calculation of income tax to be done with UT Bs76

• Capriles: We didn;t disrespect to any rule of the Supreme Court. Luisa Morales apply the weight of the law who fails to comply with the ruling
• Aveledo: Many  PSUV people participated in the  primaries
• In primary last PSUV not use fingerprint taking
• Chain of HCH: Capriles is the candidate of imperialism. Asks voters to remember how capitalism failed in Spain. Motor fire on students in UCV Maracay during it.HCH followers are confused. Said saw him on the defensive

• Argentina: Prohibits YPF international operations
• Honduras: prison suffer the worst tragedy in its history
• U.S.: Investigate Goldman analyst for misuse of privileged information
• Germany: German treasure € 10 billion in banks and real estate
• France: Sarkozy announces his candidacy for presidential
• Switzerland: Satellites clean space junk

• owner's son kidnapped Inversora D'Errico
• Pablo Perez in action with CR: 1 MM will vote in Zulia for new Vzla

BETTER LIFE: Take time to eat, if not the brain takes to analyze information and you will go hungry

DID YOU KNOW THAT: The night noise raises blood pressure? 

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