abril 13, 2012

EmpresateNews April 13, 2012

@ Empresate News April 13, 2012

"Be a source person, no a drainage one" Rex Hudler

Opec117.8-WTI102.7 + Brent120.18 +
DOW 12986.60 +NASDAQ 3055.55 + 
Wall Street on the rise. Google Profit grows 60.7% in 1st 3Q of the year. W.Buffett find gold among the garbage of Goldman Sachs. Nokia falls in the stock after announcing losses in the 1st 6T. Big banks need more than € 485,600 capital MM
• Venezuelan Bonds close higher
• Rhe restructuring and refinancing of farm debts are going on
• Merentes reaches out Mission 
• Appeal by BOD was desestimated
• Isturiz: Unable to remove exchange controls because HCh can lie down
• Sidor: In March production increased by 41%
• In 2012, 37,402 homes have been delivered across the country
• Torrealba: Is your power if you put the money in the public fund

• B. Nelson: Military seize power raised the 13-A
• Izarra: Today is a working day like any other
• AP: Cancer does not stop re-election bid hGH
• JVR: FANB is patriotic and does not allow anyone's influence
• ANDA made human wall around the coffin of German in July
• Protests grew 10% in March

• Colombia: Uribe branded a Saints wasteful and lax with terrorism. HCH arrives today in Cartagena and will stay until the Sat
• Argentina: Government prepares takeover of YPF
• Peru: Banco de la Nacion plan start rural mobile banking
• Spain: European Ministers assess imbalances in June
• North Korea fails to launch long-range rocket ignoring UN resolution

• Today will HCR, PP and JM in house to house in San Francisco
• It rained heavily in Zulia. Eveling Trejo: We remain attentive to precipitation in Mcbo

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DID YOU KNOW THAT: Cases of dementia will triple by 2050, according to WHO?

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